CR reports

Equal parts strategy, storytelling, and disclosure, corporate responsibility (CR) reports require sitting down with hundreds of source documents, talking with as many subject matter experts as the budget allows, and gaining a deep understanding of the target audience. My job is to take this information and make it meaningful. 

I've served as managing editor or writer on CR reports for some of the world's most-recognized brands, including Google, Microsoft, Comcast NBCUniversal, HP, and more. In each case, I seek to create stories that are human and authentic, so that readers understand what these companies stand for and why their actions matter.

Google Responsible Supply Chain Report 2018, editor

Report excerpt: "We’re committed to building a truly inclusive supply chain. In practice, this means honoring and respecting the contributions of every person who engages with the Google supply chain in any capacity. Our baseline in this area is ensuring that Google treats workers with dignity and respect, maintains safe and healthy workplaces, and holds suppliers to the highest ethical standards. But our long-term goal is also to unlock the power of partnerships and to change the dynamic between companies, suppliers, and users so that together we can empower equality and inclusivity across all supply chains, not just Google’s."