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I got my start in magazine journalism, with a four-year stint as an editor at a specialty coffee trade magazine in Portland, Oregon. I quickly fell in love with the culture of coffee, including how it's grown, the people who grow it, and the wonderful flavors that different varietals, origins, and processing methods reveal. I've since written about tea, spirits, and other fine beverages with a similar enthusiasm. 

Google: Safer chemistry in our supply chain

Article excerpt: "Consumers are rightfully concerned about toxic chemicals like lead or flame retardants in electronics. While it's important for us to limit these kinds of substances in Google products such as the Pixel 2 or Chromebook, we also take the use of harmful substances seriously during the manufacturing process to ensure that the people who make our products are safe too. Just as no one should be harmed using a Google product, no one should be harmed making a Google product."

Destination Oaxaca

With high-end mezcals available at cocktail bars across the U.S., it's easy to forget that until recently, most Americans viewed mezcal as tequila's nasty cousin—the rotgut with a worm that college partiers drank on a dare in Juarez. In 2008, I traveled to Oaxaca for Imbibe Magazine to learn about single-village mezcals, which are lovingly produced in small villages by farmers using the same traditional methods as their fathers and grandfathers. Best buzz ever.