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Executive communications. Web copywriting. Messaging. White papers. I've done a bit of everything for everyone in my 15-plus years as a writer and editor. I love helping clients reinvent the way they talk about things, and find new and better ways of connecting with their audience. 

Comcast: The Hidden Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement

Article excerpt: "In her interview, Rudolph remembers details from the bombing. How it was youth day at church, and she was standing with her sister and friends moments before the explosion. How shattered glass from the blast temporarily blinded her (she eventually lost an eye). Her confusion as she called for her sister. Deacon Samuel Rutledge rescuing her. She was hospitalized for months, and to this day she still bears the scars of losing her sister and friends. Her story reveals the emotional impact of racial violence in a way that yellowed newspaper clippings and thirdhand accounts can’t." Recipes for Good

Article excerpt: "Richard Holland, Solutions Architect at Age UK, designed a scalable Twilio-powered solution to replace the manual calling system. A new web app matches volunteers and older people, known as Call in Time members, based on shared interests such as hometown or music, giving callers common ground for conversation. Using Twilio, Age UK connects callers without requiring people to exchange numbers, streamlining the screening process for volunteers while adding a layer of safety and security for both parties."

Charles Schwab: Amplify Your Brand Online

Article excerpt: "The majority of firms we spoke with are primarily focused on the basics, using their websites and LinkedIn pages to give their firm an online presence and establish credibility. They take a stripped-down approach to digital marketing, investing cautiously in these activities that, at first glance, they may not see as critical to deepening client relationships and driving growth. However the firms with the most successful digital marketing programs were those who approach it like a marathon, not a sprint. They don’t expect digital marketing to generate revenue overnight, but instead view it as a natural extension of their work building relationships with prospects and clients."

Google: Safer chemistry in our supply chain

Article excerpt: "Consumers are rightfully concerned about toxic chemicals like lead or flame retardants in electronics. While it's important for us to limit these kinds of substances in Google products such as the Pixel 2 or Chromebook, we also take the use of harmful substances seriously during the manufacturing process to ensure that the people who make our products are safe too. Just as no one should be harmed using a Google product, no one should be harmed making a Google product."

Johnson & Johnson: Health Is Everywhere

Hired to write messaging for Johnson & Johnson's 2020 sustainability goals, we decided we needed to define a new worldview for sustainability at J&J. I was the lead writer on "Health Is Everywhere," a frame that kickstarted a new way of talking about health at the company. As the frame and messaging have evolved, our team's work found its way into internal and external communications at J&J, including speeches from the CEO.